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Telemedicine Specialist

Stephen Renzi Medical PC

Family Physicians & Private Medical Practices located in Troy, PA

More people than ever are looking for accessible, convenient ways to speak with a medical professional. The team at Stephen Renzi Medical PC offers telemedicine appointments from their offices in Conshohocken and Troy, Pennsylvania. This convenient service allows you to access medical professionals without leaving your home, using your smartphone or home computer. Don't put off treatment; schedule a telemedicine appointment today. Call your nearest office or book online.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a branch of health care that allows you to access medical care without having to leave your home. Instead of attending an in-office appointment, you can speak with your provider at Stephen Renzi Medical PC through video conferencing, a phone call, or an online portal, making it easier and more cost-effective to receive medical care.

You may hear the term telemedicine used interchangeably with telehealth. While related, the two are distinctly different. Telemedicine is just one aspect of telehealth. Telehealth is a broad approach that places technology at the heart of patient care. It includes physician training, medical education, online booking portals — and telemedicine.

Stephen Renzi Medical PC offers a range of telemedicine options. Call the office to learn more.

When can I use telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an excellent way to receive fast and effective non-emergency medical care. You can schedule a telemedicine appointment for the following health concerns:

  • Sickness and diarrhea
  • Eye conditions
  • Coughs
  • Cold and flu symptoms, including COVID-19 symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Insect bites
  • Infected cuts
  • Skin problems
  • Mental health care
  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Medication checks
  • Follow-up consultations
  • Lab results

Get the medical help you need when you need it from the comfort of your home when you partner with Stephen Renzi Medical PC.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine has made health care more accessible. Many people have busy schedules, and it's not always possible to get into an office and see a doctor in person. Remote health care allows you to receive the care you need at a time and place that suits you. Other benefits of telemedicine include:

Less reliance on emergency care

Ignoring illness or disease only leads to it getting worse. Telemedicine is fast and convenient, so people are more likely to seek treatment for a health concern than ignore it.

Fast diagnosis

Most of the time, you can receive a rapid, accurate diagnosis of your condition and an individualized treatment program on the same day as your appointment, without leaving your home.

Preventive care

You can stay on top of new health concerns and monitor ongoing issues easily and effectively with remote check-ins with your doctor.

Cheaper medical costs

Telemedicine visits are typically cheaper than in-person appointments.

Schedule a telemedicine appointment today. Call Stephen Renzi Medical PC or request an appointment online.